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Wait Me: a new theme for websites under development.
Preview of ”Wait Me”: a new theme for Textpattern CMS.
Posted: 8 August 19 Modified: 14 August 19 Posted by: Archives

We’re working on a new kind of theme for Textpattern: a special one for all new clean installations providing a simple splash page with all needed “revisit after” headers for search engine bots but keeping webdesigners safe to develop their new […]

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The new 2.7 version.
Latest 2.7 version available for download.
Posted: 18 April 19 Modified: 15 July 19 Posted by: Archives

The latest version 2.7 of the “Simplr” theme is available immediately for download as a zipped file. With this new version, you never need to create some supplementary folders: all the CSS files are served from the theme directory. “Simplr” is simple as never before. 😋

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Choices with evaluate tag and a config form.
The power of the <txp:evaluate /> tag!
Posted: 16 April 19 Modified: 15 July 19 Posted by: Archives

With the help of the cutting edge new <txp:evaluate /> tag and its features introduced by Oleg —Core Dev— the upcoming new 2.7 version allows you to choose which social network to display into the share modal box: no more constraints! Moreover! […]

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The “Simplr” theme passes the test: no javascript!
Published with: 2 Images. Perfect support without javascript!
Posted: 11 April 19 Modified: 15 July 19 Posted by: Archives

As recommended by the web industry, the “Simplr” theme for Textpattern CMS works fine even if javascript is disabled from the user’s browser. Please keep in mind about some limited fallbacks: The images aren’t shown into Lightboxes […]

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