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“Simplr” theme for Textpattern CMS is a simple, responsive but a strong and robust model with a pretty good browsers support: Internet Explorer 6 minimum! 😱 (with ”Prevent widowed words in article titles?” preference sets to ”No”. Try a limited free test here.)

Get this theme for free from here 🎁 Just CTRL + C, CTRL + V (its dedicated GitHub page here).

It is provided as is, can be used immediately or advantageously after installing plugins smd_thumbnail, com_connect and pat_speeder (plugins detection included in the next 2.1 theme version).

It is build upon a full HTML5 markup with a good 100% Google ® Page Speed Insight score (GTmetrix & WebPageTest, and Pingdom details), and can be a replacement for the default theme shiped by default with Textpattern as a bloging website. This is our first Textpattern theme creation and we project to offer other ones in the next few months. Stay tuned folks 👍

“Simplr” theme for Textpattern CMS preserves the format of the images, whatever the dimensions: square or rectangular.

With the help of the excellent smd_thumbnail plugin, you can choose to send a special image for your social shares, but not displayed within your website!

You can choose to alter your photos based on filters: B&W or saturated colors (supported by modern browsers only) with or without «Lighboxes».

With some automatic Google Rich Snippets included and a Sitemap too (no plugins needed 😜).

Starting with this theme v2.6, two type of RSS are offered:

This JSON Feed is valide and is available from the bottom main left menu into a modal box.

Hi! I’m a block quotation with styles depending of the document language.

Person in Source.

Salut ! Je suis un bloc de citation mis en forme selon la langue du document (ou de l’élément contextuel).

Personne in Source.

Hallo! Ich bin ein Blockzitat mit Stilen, die von der Dokumentsprache abhängen.

Person in Referenz..

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