More config entries for more choices

Posted: 16 April 19 Modified: 15 July 19 Posted by: Archives

With the help of the cutting edge new <txp:evaluate /> tag and its features introduced by Oleg —Core Dev— the upcoming new 2.7 version allows you to choose which social network to display into the share modal box: no more constraints!

Moreover! You can choose to remove completly the social link by simply replacing the social network names by 2 spaces:

<txp:variable name="social" value="⋅⋅" />

Behind the scene, here is what’s involved: 🤘

<txp:evaluate query='contains("<txp:variable name="social" />", "twitter")'>Twitter icon and social share process</txp:evaluate>

A Day/Night mode had been introduiced within the “Simplr” theme: you can choose to display it or not (from the config form, too).

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