New display for images

Posted: 23 January 19 Modified: 23 January 19 Posted by: Archives

The “Simplr“ theme uses a new presentation of images in photo galleries displayed in quiquonce, with equal thumbnail sizes as a fallback for old browsers. The number of columns is governed by Flexbox and depends on the viewport width. The thumbnails are displayed with a smooth animation on resize (a kind of “Masonry“ effect). Code has been optimised by “Autoprefixer“ with a radical configuration: >0%, last 90 versions.

Final users can restore easily the equal thumbnails width and height by removing the masonry class into pages or forms.

Photos can be associated with some CSS filters (compatible with recent browsers) in Blog pages (not into Photos gallery pages). Choose the wanted one from the “Override form“ field among:
  • Black and White;
  • Saturated colors;
  • Halftone.

With or without Lightbox.

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