🔥 New version 2.7

Posted: 18 April 19 Modified: 15 July 19 Posted by: Archives

The latest version 2.7 of the «Simplr» theme is available immediately for download as a zipped file:


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With this new version, you never need to create some supplementary folders: all the CSS files are served from the theme directory. «Simplr» is simple as never before. 😋

You do not need required plugins except for the contact page (https://github.com/textpattern/com_connect); optional plugins are: smd_thumbnail (if you want to enjoy the responsives image process) and pat_speeder (if you want to speed up your website).

Here is a screenshot of the needed profiles created for the smd_thumbnail plugin:

The smd_thumbnail profiles for this theme.

Please, note: the «social_share» profile allows you to upload a different image for your social marketing (optional, only displayed within the social networks but invisible from your website). 😀

Keep an eye within the «config» form: all the Textpattern variables are located here in order to pilot your theme. 🚀 🤘

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