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Posted: 11 April 19 Modified: 15 July 19 Posted by: Archives

As recommended by the web industry, the “Simplr” theme for Textpattern CMS works fine even if javascript is disabled from the user’s browser. Please keep in mind about some limited fallbacks:

  • The images aren’t shown into Lightboxes but openned into a new window;
  • Custom fonts will be served from the Google API instead (with some latencies due to 2 requests in 2 different domains: the default process by Google);
  • The Modal Boxes can be closed only by clicking the cross icon from inside its;
  • No beautiful, colored & animated custom tooltips but the default ones instead;
  • The “Go Top” icon will be always shown and will go straight to the document’s body anchor without any animation or will keep advantage of the “smooth scroll” feature within modern implemented browsers;
  • No thin and beautiful vertical scroll bar near the main navigation menu but the default browser one instead (only if its content exceed the viewport height);
  • No copy into the clipboard for the permalinks (no fallbacks, sorry but all permalinks are available from the browser’s address bar 😋).

Please, try yourself 👍.

Further informations from the Smashing Magazine here.

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