SEO improvement for images with missing alt tags.
Highlighting images with missing alt tags
Posted: 14 March 19 Modified: 9 April 19 Posted by: Category: Archives

To improve your SEO efforts, the “Simplr” theme v2.7 introduce an highlighting images with missing alt attribute by surrounding such pictures by a large dashed red border.We achieve that feature with a simple CSS rule: html img:not([alt]) {outline: […]

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Tea Time.
Tea Time
Posted: 11 March 19 Modified: 27 March 19 Posted by: Category: Archives

The upcoming latest version 2.7 restores the halftone and the saturated colors effects on images.This version make intensively use of the Shortcode introduced with Textpattern 4.7.0. based on our study of the “Future Imperfect“ a theme integration […]

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wappalyser browsers extension
What's inside here?
Posted: 26 February 19 Modified: 11 March 19 Posted by: Categories: , Archives

Web technologies in use within the “Simplr” theme.

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Internet Explorer 6 capable.
Published with: 3 Images. Preview from Internet Explorer 6.
Posted: 7 January 19 Modified: 2 September 19 Posted by: Category: Archives

How the “Simplr” theme deals with the old IE browser. Maybe bad, maybe good…

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Posted: 4 January 19 Modified: 5 January 19 Posted by: Category: Archives

Use of photo galleries and social marketing with the “Simplr” Theme.

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